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Cameras and Stalking

The “scouting or camera trap” has been widely used by hunting enthusiasts in the United States and research scientists for some years. The equipment is varied ranging from highly sophisticated commercially available and expensive systems to “home constructed” systems built from individually sourced components or systems in kit form. These systems have utilised standard video and still camera linked to infrared sensors and trigger units. More recently in line with the digital age purpose built units have become available and range in cost from under £100 to over £300. These units are equipped with either incandescent or infrared flash facility with photographic resolutions from one to five megapixels.


Using cameras should be a year-round recreational activity. Having them positioned strategically around the stalking area: along trails, at fraying and scrapes, and at random within various habitat types. Over the course of a year, we learn when specific individual begin growing their antlers, when they strip velvet, when they cast antlers and even the other deer they like to run around with.