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Digital Wild Cams offers the best trail, security, and wildlife cameras for your stalking, wildlife viewing and security needs. We specialise in supplying the best value digital wildlife and game monitoring cameras available. Our devices have been selected after exhaustive research. If you are looking for quality, reliability,  then Digital Wild Cams is  the best place for you. All of our stalking scouting cameras, security cameras, and game cameras are affordable and durable.

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RECONYX has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling digital infrared game cameras since 2002. Since then they have become known worldwide as the industry leader. We supply, wildlife professionals, universities, county councils and police forces with these products. We also provide a full support service and we are autorised to undertake minor repairs if required.


Scoutguard 550 "This has been just about the most exciting little cam that we have ever tested. All seven of our cams received their updates and all are now busy doing the task of security, scouting, and monitoring. This camera has really taken on the big guys and made a lot of folks pay attention."


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