Apeman trail cameras

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Apeman trail cams

Apeman trail cams

Apeman stock quite a large selection of cameras for a wide range of uses, with car dash cams and action cams for use in sports and other activities.

Their range of wildlife cams is quite impressive in itself, with a range complete enough to provide a camera for everyone, able to suit a large range of purposes and able to be used by beginners and experts, across a wide range of budgets.

Here are some of Apeman’s stand-out models.

H40 Mini Wildlife Camera

The baby of Apeman’s range is the H40 Mini. It might be one of the smallest cameras available, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it, and in some situations its size could be a boon, especially if you want to conceal the camera in a small space, like an entrance to a nest, or you just need the camera to be a little less conspicuous.

In spite of its size, Apeman still boasts that the camera captures video in 1080p, and while the 16MP photo resolution might not be the best in the business, it still has enough quality to capture reasonably high-res images.

This could be a good camera option for starting out with. It won’t break the bank and it’s not too complex or full of features for a novice to use.

Apeman H45 Wildlife Camera

Apeman’s H45 camera is towards the budget end of its range and its features are pretty standard for a camera of this size.

Video is 1080p and camera is 16MP, that might seem a little low, but this is more a budget or beginners’ option so that’s pretty normal. Other features include IR night vision, sub 0.5 second trigger, and it has a five-star review rating on Apeman’s own site.

Apeman H55 Wildlife Camera

The Apeman H55 is what could be described as a mid-range offering, that provides a good level of features for a slightly higher price than a budget model.

Apeman advertises it with 1080p video and 20MP images, that’s not too bad for a camera situated at this point in the range. As you’d expect, it’s also got IR and a fast trigger speed and is fully waterproofed to protect it from the elements.

Apeman H70 Wildlife Camera

The H70 seems to be Apeman’s most popular trail cam and also boasts a five-star rating on the manufacturer’s website.

As far as the features go it seems to be quite complete. 30MP and 4K video make sure it’s got enough stuff to get some really high-quality shots. Other features that Apeman boasts are IR night vison, a trigger speed of just 0.2 seconds (one of the fastest available), and that it’s fully waterproofed to survive in the wild. So, all-in-all, a good all-rounder that should be suitable for a range of different needs and situations.