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Victure cameras

Victure supplies a wide range of tech products and are probably better known for many of these, like photo printers, doorbell cams, MP3 players, and baby monitors, among other things, which includes a limited range of trail cams.

Victure operates towards the budget end of the trail cam market, and many of its offerings are more of the simple, easy-to-use kind, light on extra features, so they could be a good place to go looking when you first start out to buy a trail camera.

Victure HC520

If you’re looking for a Victure trail cam that’s got a bit more excitement to offer, then the best choice is the HC520. This is Victure’s only Wi-Fi camera on offer, so it’s unique in that respect, as it lets you get access to your pics and videos remotely through their APP. It’s really Victure’s flagship model as it also comes with 4K UHD video and 30MP images. It has all the other features that you’d expect from this kind of camera, IR night vision (black and white footage), 120o lens, and is sold as fully waterproofed.

Victure HC300

An interesting model in the Victure range is the HC300, which brings in a few extra features than usual for cameras in this price bracket.

The photo quality is 20Mp, some cameras at the lower end of the market still use 16MP, so that’s aa quite useful improvement. Video is 1080p, and it has IR for nighttime shots. Trigger speed is advertised as 0.3 seconds, quite fast for this kind of camera, and it’s also fully waterproofed. It’s quite a compact package and is the kind of camera that could appeal to those just starting out using wildlife cams.

Victure HC400

Victure’s middle-of-the-road option, the HC400 is one of those kinds of cameras that can represent a good compromise between price and features. As for its features, the 20MP camera and 1080p video are pretty standard on this kind of camera, as is the IR night vision. It’s got a fast trigger and you can also set it to shoot at intervals regardless of whether anything’s detected or not.

Victure HC100

The Hc100 is definitely at the lower end of Victure’s range. Small and portable it’s the ideal model for first-time users to get into trail cams with. Images are only 16MP, but video is 1080p (some basic cams still use 720p), and it’s got IR night vision. It’s sold as fully waterproofed and has a fast trigger speed.

As wildlife cameras go, however, this is one of the most basic and entry-level cameras available. It looks competent for the size and price range, but if you want to do serious wildlife photography, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher-level camera.