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Browning trail cameras

Browning trail cameras

Browning has an impressive range of trail cameras in its catalogue, suitable for a range of budgets and uses, and advertise themselves as “the number one series of trail cameras in the industry”.

The company sells primarily wildlife cams in several different ranges, giving each their own cool name, like “Dark Ops”, “Strike Force”, and “Defender”. They have quite a few options available and should be able to provide an answer to most trail camera needs. Here are a few of their standout products.

Defender Wireless Trail Camera

Browning’s top-of-the-range model is the Defender Wireless Camera. It’s not the cheapest camera on the market, but it does have quite a few useful features.

The photos are transmitted over a 4G network, so coverage should be good. Its long-range night vision can see over 120ft, more than most competitors, and it has 20MP image resolution. It can shoot up to eight continuous images, up to two-minute-long videos in 1080p, has a 0.3 second shutter, and comes with a 2” view screen, which, when you add them all together makes it a highly competitive option.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is the requirement for sixteen AA batteries to provide power. It’s not surprising given the number of features it comes with, but it’s still quite a lot. Rechargeable batteries will help take the edge off the price, and it’s not all bad, because there is an option for a 12v external power supply, so that could be useful if you’re not putting it too far in the wilderness.

Recon Force 4K Edge

The top model in the non-wireless range is the 4K Edge. It’s quite the competent camera, recording 4K UHD video with sound, and snapping pictures at an impressive 32MP.

It has all the other expected features, like infra-red night vision, a trigger speed less than one second, a 2” view screen, and it does quite well to provide all of this when being powered by only eight AA batteries, with provision for a 12v power line.

Command Ops Elite

At the other end of the range is the Command Ops Elite. This is more of a budget option and could be a useful place to start out if you’re new to trail cams. It’s quite basic in the features it offers, and records 720p video, with 18MP images, so not too bad. It has infra-red

Camera Security Box

An interesting accessory that Browning sells is a trail camera security box. Many of us wouldn’t think that our cameras could be the target of criminals, but some of the more advanced models can represent a not inconsiderable investment and are usually only fixed to a tree or similar by a simple strap, and out in the wild they can present an easy target for thieves.

The security boxes come in a range of sizes to accommodate different cameras and can be locked with a padlock, they come in a camouflage design to make them less noticeable when fixed in place.