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IP birdbox cameras

Interconnectivity and ease of use are essential in modern tech and can be a major selling point, birdbox cameras are no different, being able to connect easily with the rest of your tech is a huge boon.

With an IP birdbox camera you can view, stream, and download your footage straight to your phone or tablet. These kinds of cameras can save you a lot of bother like having to go and take the SD card from the camera and put it in your computer to get your footage, this is especially useful with birdbox cameras as the box shouldn’t be disturbed while the birds are still nesting in it.

There are two kinds of IP birdbox cameras, wired and unwired, they’ve both got their ups and downs, so here’s a guide to which might be better for you.

One is

A wired IP camera

A wired IP camera requires a cable to be run from the camera to your router to download and view the footage. This of course can be a big problem, but many birdbox cams need a wire for power anyway, so as long as you aren’t using battery or solar powered cams then it won’t make too much difference.

And the Another One is

The wireless IP CAMERA

The wireless option can really give you the freedom to roam without worrying about what’s happening in the birdbox. All you need is a good a good Wi-Fi signal close to the camera, it’s one less cable to worry about. Of course, this really is easier said than done, if you’re placing the camera in the wild of just live in a rural area with poor coverage then you may be frustrated by a lack of signal getting in the way.

If you can get the coverage though then the freedom of a Wi-Fi cam is definitely worth considering as you can view and download your photos and videos on the go, wherever you are, all you need is good Wi-Fi, so as soon as the eggs hatch that picture can go straight on Instagram.